Our services

SAKURA REAL ESTATE is a realty agent in Taichung, Taiwan,
offering rental apartments, flats, housing, offices, and retail store space for foreigners, expats, students, business owners, and enterpreneurs in Taichung and Hsinchu city.

Finding property

  • Free tours of the property or properties.

  • Free introductions to getting settled in Taiwan: how to use transit, 
    where to find hospitals and other public services, and where to buy daily needs. 

  • Negotiable terms of contract with property owners.


  • Utility inspection during the move-in process (Electric, water, gas,etc)

  • Assistance with network instlation, cable TC contracts, etc.

  • Equipment inspection during the move-in process(Furniture, home electric appliance, security,etc.)

After moving in

  • Help communication between property owner and renters.

  • Coodinating vendors for repairs.

  • Negotiation with property owners to add/ repair home electric appliances.


  • Utility inspection during the move-out process (Electric, water, gas,etc)

  • Ensuring the return of the deposit upon moving out.